New Williams Signature Series!

One of the most exciting developments since my development of ancient kauri for musical instruments is the relaunch of my Williams Signature Series. These instruments will feature some of the best ancient kauri with striking figure and beauty. You can see from the raw log the obvious wave and 'whitebait' figure running the entire length of this piece and the picture below right shows some of the slabs that are cut and being stacked for drying.

Ancient kauri log with whitebait and wave

Because my stock, combined with a low build volume, guarantees me a steady supply for many years to come I have decided to allow the allocation of some of this incredible wood for the necks as well as using it for backs and sides. The Williams Signature Series is my line of instruments that incorporate ancient kauri in this way. What is more, the tonewoods and neck of ancient kauri for signature models will all be cut from the same flitch to create a truly exceptional instrument of beauty and tone.

For more information have a look at the ancient kauri section where you will be able to view some actual sets from this log as well as others.

Ancient kauri slabs